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Meet Our Team



Commercial Real Estate Sales Associate Merritt Realty Corporation 

Growing up in a rural community, Ashley is no stranger to the auction method of marketing.  As a participant in the yearly 4-H and FFA auction and her father’s auction sidekick she spent many years as a bidder in the local auction crowds.  Ashley even helped supplement her college education with a small online auction business.


After a wonderful and fulfilling career as an educator, Ashley has returned to her roots and is creating a new chapter as an auctioneer.  Ashley truly believes in the auction method of selling and strives to educate anyone who will listen on the benefits and options that an auction can offer them.


Ashley truly enjoys the atmosphere of an auction and prides herself on making sure you leave each auction with a new treasure and at least one new friend from the crowd.  

When Jim decides he is interested in a topic, he dives in headfirst; and his auction career has been no different.  A true student of the auction method Jim researches local market conditions and sales to stay competitive in his auction offerings.  


Jim’s background in machinery sales and manufacturing paved the way for his career in auctioneering.  As a frequent consignee and purchaser of equipment, Jim has the background knowledge and experience to help you decide upon the right terms for your sale.


Jim’s easy smile and ability to weave any tale into a hilarious adventure will keep you on your toes and entertained when he is on the auction block selling.

You will be hard pressed to find a better teammate than Rhonda (just ask John).  Always up for an adventure Rhonda joined John in creating and growing RAYCO MANUFACTURING, while raising her sons and managing a household.  This sense of adventure, coupled with her management experience has made her a key part of the Western FL  Auctions team.


Rhonda can organize any project and anyone, a true Jill of All Trades you will catch her registering bidders, clerking the auction or making sure our bidders know which items they really should pay attention to.


The only thing bigger than Rhonda’s smile and fun loving personality is her heart. A friend to all, you will find Rhonda organizing the chaos of the auctions and keeping us all on our toes.

A true renaissance man, John Bowling knows a little bit about everything.  He can help you plumb your home, fix the brakes on your car, fly a jet, and was a leader in the environmental equipment manufacturing world as the founder of RAYCO MANUFACTURING.  


Never a man to let grass grow under his feet, John decided to learn a new trade and create a new career as an Auctioneer.  As a businessman John recognizes the value the auction method of marketing brings to sellers and personally chose this method of liquidation for his own farming operation.


John has never met a stranger and will make sure you don’t leave the auction without hearing a joke and learning a little bit about the benefits of the auction method of selling.

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